Dichen Lachman Spotted On Supergirl Set!

“Supergirl” has just added a female villain for Season 2.

YVRShoots spotted “The Last Ship” actress Dichen Lachman on the set of The CW series on Tuesday night, Sept 13. As seen in the photos obtained by the website, the 34-year-old actress was wearing a long red dress with a side split that shows her leg snake tattoo. While it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, comic book fans are pretty sure that Lachman is playing the DC Comics villain Roulette.

According to YVRShoots, the sequence filmed that night involved Science Police detective Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima) escorting Lachman’s character and meeting up with Kara’s (Melissa Benoist) adoptive sister Alex (Chyler Leigh). The context of the scene is unclear, but it seems that Maggie is turning over Roulette to the D.E.O. (Department of Extra-Terrestrial Operations), where Alex works.

In the comics, Roulette, also known as Veronica Sinclair, is an enemy to the Justice Society. She runs a gambling establishment for super-villains where they can bet on different events like captive superhero death-matches. Rather than getting her own hands dirty, she is more of a calculating business-minded character who manipulates others for profit. Created by Geoff Johns and Rags Morales, Roulette first appeared in 2001’s “JSA Secret Files and Origins” #2.

Lachman has yet to confirm her “Supergirl” casting, but a week ago, she took to Instagram to share that she’s back in Vancouver.

“4:30am pick up. Back in #vancouver can’t say for what yet,” Lachman wrote on the social networking site, alongside a mirror selfie.

4:30am pick up. Back in #vancouver can't say for what yet???

A photo posted by Dichen Lachman (@dichenlachman) on

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