Altered Carbon

Character: Reileen Kawahara
Created by: Laeta Kalogridis
Other cast: Joel Kinnaman, James Purefoy, Martha Higareda, Chris Conner
Release date: February 2, 2018
Episodes: Series Regular
Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Running time: 1hr

Altered Carbon is set in a future where consciousness is digitized and stored in cortical stacks implanted in the spine, allowing humans to survive physical death by having their memories and consciousness "re-sleeved" into new bodies. The story follows specially trained "Envoy" soldier Takeshi Kovacs, who is downloaded from an off-world prison and into a combat ready sleeve at the behest of Laurens Bancroft, a highly influential aristocrat. Bancroft was killed, and the last automatic backup of his stack was made hours before his death, leaving him with no memory of who killed him and why. While police ruled it a suicide, Bancroft is convinced he was murdered and wants Kovacs to find out the truth.


No body lives forever.


Every season 1 episode is named after a classic film noir from the 1940’s or 1950’s.
Takes place in the 25th century.
Dichen Lachman’s second series involving personalities being implanted into empty shell-bodies. A similar process to re-sleeving is utilized in Dollhouse (2009).
Dichen Lachman, Hiro Kanagawa, Teach Grant, Jojo Ahenkorah and Katie Stewart all starred together in The 100.
Dichen Lachman and Tahmoh Peniket starred together in Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse.
In the show, Takeshi and Reileen Kawahara are siblings. In the book that is not the case at all.

Character Quotes

Reileen Kawahara: What are you doing here, big brother?
Takeshi Kovacs: I should be asking you that.
Reileen Kawahara: That’s easy. I’m not real. What’s your excuse?
“Out of the Past”

Reileen Kawahara: I went back to Harlan’s World. You should see it. I don’t know what I thought I’d find. But nothing I remembered survived. It’s all gone. That’s the hardest thing to get used to. Nothing survives. Nothing but us.
“Nora Inu”