Character: Pillow Girl #1
Directed by: Jeff Greenstein
Written by: Brad Bell, Jane Espenson
Other cast: Brad Bell, Sean Hemeon, Alessandra Torresani
Premiere date: August 15, 2012
Episodes: Episodes 2x01
Episode title: Appropriate Is Not the Word
Genre: Comedy

Cheeks and Brady wake up on the morning of their three week anniversary, settled into a new home. Cheeks promptly photographs himself and Brady sharing a kiss and posts the picture online, which is immediately decried by conservative group "The Billion Moms", who claim the photo is an attack on children. Wes, (Joss Whedon) Brady's agent, calls to warn him that a morality clause Brady signed for the MLB might be broken because of the media firestorm, thus jeopardizing Brady's career. Unfortunately, Wes' proposed solution to "keep a leash on Cheeks" doesn't go over too well with Cheeks.