Character: Veronica Sinclair / Roulette
Directed by: James Bamford, James Marshall
Other cast: Melissa Benoist, Jeremy Jordan, Chyler Leigh, Floriana Lima, Chris Wood, David Harewood, Laura Benanti, Sharon Leal, Katie McGrath
Episodes: Episode 2x04 / Episode 2x09
Original airdate: October 13, 2016 / January 23, 2017
Episode title: Survivors / Supergirl Lives
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
Running time: 42min

Supergirl tries to stop an alien fight club run by Roulette, while Hank gets to know M'Gann. / While searching for a missing woman, Supergirl and Mon-El end up on another planet where Roulette leads a slave trafficking ring.


The second live-action appearance of DC Comics character Roulette, after Smallville (2001).
It took four hours to apply Roulette’s snake tattoos to Dichen Lachman.

Character Quotes

Veronica Sinclair: You see, Michael Vick made a mistake. People don’t care what happens to aliens. But they do care about dogs.

Veronica Sinclair: Well, if this isn’t deja vu.
Supergirl: Why are you here?
Mon-El: Yeah.
[quietly to Kara]
Mon-El: Wait, who is this?
Veronica Sinclair: I’m here because of you. You dismantled my club. I had nowhere else to go. So imagine my excitement when one of my fighters told me about Slaver’s Moon. I jumped at the opportunity to help expand its market.
Supergirl: You are treating this like… like you’re selling coffee. You… you are selling people.
Veronica Sinclair: I’ve taken human trafficking to the next level. These are prime specimens that can survive a lifetime of labor. They’re good stock, and they’ll sell for top dollar.
Supergirl: It’s blood money.
Veronica Sinclair: Blood diamonds, actually. This planet’s lousy with them. They’re like dirt to these Maaldorians.
“Supergirl Lives”

Veronica Sinclair: Supergirl in my cage again.
Supergirl: Roulette?
Veronica Sinclair: We have got to stop meeting like this.
“Supergirl Lives”